Eric Dalpiaz

Senior BIM Specialist / Project Manager
Outside of work…
Designing and constructing projects at home is a priority right now. With a fixer upper, renovation has been key to a more modern feel. Designing and building my own furniture is part of what makes me unique. Two of my original pieces include my sofa and bed.

Another hobby of mine is Photography. I enjoy taking and editing photos. One event that I enjoy shooting is Motor Racing – F1 and motoGP. I am a huge fan and follow it for the competition and the technology. I always head to Indianapolis for the Indy 500 and other races. My best friend lives there so it’s an annual event.  Nascar is NOT motor racing, therefore I don’t watch it!

I enjoy golf. My brother lives in the south and is an avid golfer. I have to get out whenever I can to keep my game up for our golfing matches.

What you don’t know about me…
It is NOT a little known fact among those who know me, but new people are always surprised when they find out I’m a pretty good drummer. I was even on the staff for a world class indoor drumline: Matrix.

How I got my bragging rights…
Along with my degree from Stark State College, my previous job provided me with a great deal of hands-on experience. I am also typically more computer savvy than most which has made me the “go-to” guy when it comes to IT issues.

How I give back…
I am a member of yStark! and participate in their golf league and various events. I am also involved in the Arts District in downtown Canton. I’ve done photography events there and regulary attend First Fridays to keep in touch with people involved in the Arts Community.

Who molded me into the person I am…
Obviously my family, my parents and brothers have had the biggest and best influence. Also the arts… being involved in music during and after high school taught me life lessons such as teamwork, people skills and aspiring for excellence.

Architecture that inspires me…
Barcelona Pavilion… take a look and you can see why.
Eric Dalpiaz

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