John Harris

Vice Chairman
Outside of work…
Golf, golf… and did I say golf (3 holes-in-one)? I have the opportunity to play almost all year round since I have a part-time home in Florida where I try to be as much as possible during the winter months. I also enjoy some international travel with my son during his business trips.

When not on the golf course, you can find me exploring my love of duck hunting and steam train excursions.

What you don’t know about me…
When I was 15 years old, I tied for the United States Junior Shotgun Trapshooting Championship. I went on a Bass fishing trip to Cuba, and I have learned to fly an airplane.

How I got my bragging rights…
I began my love of architecture by working as a laborer on small construction projects for my father and as an apprentice carpenter during the summer in high school. From there I earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 1965 from the University of Cincinnati, working in a Cooperative Education Program for different architects.

Before starting at SoL Harris/Day Architecture, I worked for the Goodyear Tire Retail Division in Akron, Ohio and Robert Bennett Architects in Morgantown, Virginia.

How I give back…
Over the years I have served as President, Director, Chairman and treasurer for many local organizations and remain involved as a member. Currently, I am actively involved as the Vice-Chairman of the Stark County Development Board, Building Committee Chairman for the Grande Domenica Condominium and a board member for the Stark County Boy Scouts of America.

Who molded me into the person I am…
Mr. Galen Oakes, a local developer and construction contractor, mentored, encouraged and facilitated me to start my own practice of architecture.

Architecture that inspires me…
The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright is amazing because he designed structures that relate to the site, the environment and the individual. The designs set a standard which is still relevant and in-vogue today.
John Harris

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